Daily Dr. Roto - Tuesday, September 2

Daily Dr. Roto - Tuesday, September 2

You win some and you lose some. Dr. Roto wants you to know that we've all been there and taken some tough losses. Sometimes we choke, sometimes our picks just don't pan out. The key is learning and growing every year. No one was born a Fantasy expert, well except for maybe Dr. Roto!


Mr. Freeze

Your draft day is set. You have done all your studying. You have mocked your pick about a thousand times. You have listened to hundreds of experts either on the radio or on Twitter and you are finally ready to make your pick.

The draft finally gets there and it’s your turn to pick. After weeks of preparation and convincing yourself that you need a Wide Receiver early on, you blurt out the name “Drew Brees.”  The minute you say his name, you wish you can take it back as you know you have just blown your draft. What happened?

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You froze. You got tight. You panicked. It’s as simple as that. You did not trust yourself to make the right pick, since you know that QBs can be taken later in the draft but you wanted to make sure you got a good one. And while you did get a good one, the guy right after you picked Julio Jones and then got Tony Romo about four rounds later as his starting QB while you got Doug Baldwin and/or Mike Wallace as your third wide receiver.

George Santayana once wrote, “Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.” We, as Fantasy owners, need to learn from our mistakes and keep improving. We need to change our philosophies. We need to try multiple leagues and take different players. The only way to win is to get with the times.

I often joke about many people being Fantasy Brontosauruses and still using Commodore 64 computers to draft. Things change in Fantasy Football, just like they do in real football. Have you noticed how the NFL has devalued Running Backs? It’s the same reason why Fantasy owners have done the same to RBs in the last year or two.

The draft is now over and you made your picks. Perhaps you will win your league, but more often than not you will lose. Don’t get down. Don’t get upset. Figure out what you did wrong at your draft and make a conscious effort not to do those same things again. Remember, there’s always next year!

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