Matt Bayley's Preseason PRO Picks

Matt Bayley's Preseason PRO Picks

The current fourth-ranked high-stakes Fantasy Football player, Matt Bayley, brings us his Preseason PRO picks.


Achievements: 2012 FFWC Champ, 3 #1s and 7 Top 20 Finishes
Current Rank: #4
From: Natick, MA

Breakout Player

Golden Tate: He flashed on limited targets while playing in a run-heavy offense in Seattle. Now Tate is in Detroit, where Calvin Johnson demands double coverage, and the linebackers are too concerned with Reggie Bush and Joique Bell.

Bust Player

Vernon Davis: Last year, Davis had 13 touchdowns on just 84 targets. This year, he flirted with holding out of training camp, and Stevie Johnson has joined San Francisco to offer the offense a legitimate No. 3 wide receiver.


Rueben Randle: As bad as Eli Manning and that Giants’ offense looked last year, Randle showed some promise as the biggest receiver on the field. In comes a new offensive coordinator with a more efficient passing system, which should give Randle a decent chance to surprise in the 10th round and later. It also helps that he will face NFC East defenses six times per season.

Philadelphia Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin

Comeback Player

Jeremy Maclin: Of the veteran WRs who are coming back from injury, Maclin has the best shot to vastly out-produce his fifth-round average draft position. A full year removed from his ACL injury, Maclin is now the clear No. 1 wideout in Chip Kelly’s offense.

Stash and Cash

Brandon LaFell: Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thompkins have been getting the preseason ink, but LaFell is a smart veteran WR who got $3 million guaranteed from the Pats. He offers Tom Brady a bigger target for when Rob Gronkowski goes down again.



Achievements: 4 Top 15 Finishes in National Tournaments
Current Rank: #4
From: Seattle, WA
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Achievements: 3 Top 5 and 5 Top 20 Finishes
Current Rank: #5
From: Chicago, IL
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Achievements: Ranked #5 in 2013, 7 Top 30 Finishes
Current Rank: #9
From: Tulare, CA
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Achievements: 1 #1 Overall and 4 Top 60 Finishes
From: Lowell, MA
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Achievements: 2013 FFWC Champion, 3 Top 10s, 6 Top 20s
Current Rank: #6
From: Long Island, NY
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Achievements: 4 Top 10 Finishes
Current Rank: #8
From: Sellersburg, IN
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Achievements: 2012 FFWC Champ, 3 #1s and 7 Top 20 Finishes
Current Rank: #4
From: Natick, MA
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