Daily Dr. Roto - Wednesday, August 6

Daily Dr. Roto - Wednesday, August 6

Dr. Roto is getting back to the basics. The first rule of Fantasy Football is to know the rules of your league. Roster rules, scoring rules, waiver rules and more. In order to win your league, you must understand your league.


The Golden Rule

As the Fantasy Football draft season takes off in earnest over the next few weeks, I wanted to take a look at some of the things that will help you win or lose your draft. Some of these things are very simple, while others are more complicated and take some convincing (like abandoning the RB/RB philosophy). But if you master each rule, you are well on your way to winning your Fantasy league.

However, there is one rule that stands out over all others. It is so critical to the outcome of your league that I cannot emphasize it enough. For without this rule, you are doomed to lose your Fantasy league.


Every Fantasy owner needs to read and understand the rules of their league before they play. Is the league’s scoring four points for a QB passing TD or is it six? Is the league PPR (point per reception) or is it standard scoring? When are waivers allowed and what order are they ranked in? All of these questions AND more can be found in every league’s rules and by-laws. Take the time to read them and if you have a question, ASK your league’s commissioner. It is his (or her) job to explain them to you so you understand them.

The amazing thing is that over the course of the season, I get myriads of tweets and other emails with people asking me questions about their league and often I answer, “Have you read your league’s rules?” Don’t be lazy. Take the time and effort to know the rules of your league.

I can’t promise you that you are going to win your league if you read the rules; however, I can promise you that you won’t if you don’t!

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