Daily Dr. Roto - Wednesday, July 30

Daily Dr. Roto - Wednesday, July 30

Dr. Roto has had enough of Josh Gordon's troubles. The NFL will soon make a formal announcement regarding his 2014 status. It might be best for Fantasy owners if the former Baylor Bears receiver does not return this season.


The Curious Case of Josh Gordon

As many of you know, I have adopted certain NFL players to be members of my “Fantasy family.” Julio Jones Roto, Keenan Allen Roto, and Patrick Peterson Roto (my defensive child) are some of the NFL veterans in the family. This year I also adopted Sammy Watkins Roto as the newest rookie of the Roto family as well as Jordan Cameron Roto (the first TE with this esteemed designation). It was with great sadness, however, that Mrs. Roto and I had to disown our son, Josh Gordon Roto. Mrs. Roto and I did this with great regret as we truly saw the potential with young Josh. But after all the shenanigans that have happened over the past couple of seasons, we decided that enough was enough.

Now the question is what will NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decide?

Will he decide to suspend Gordon for the season, thus making him ineligible to help Fantasy owners in 2014? Will he suspend him for half a season (eight games) which would put a crimp into every Fantasy roster? Or will he get two games again, just like he did last year? Two games seemed like a lot at the time last year, but yet Gordon went on to lead the NFL in receiving yards.

Gordon has had some recent incidents with the use of marijuana. Gordon’s lawyers are going to argue that he ingested marijuana second-hand. His lawyers will also argue that the collection agent made a critical error when testing his urine samples (similar to Ryan Braun). Will the NFL risk a potential court battle to prove a point with Gordon? No one knows what Commissioner Goodell is willing to do here.

As for Fantasy owners, we sit and wait for the news. If Gordon is declared out for the season, it would be best since Fantasy owners would just take him off their draft boards. However, if he is suspended for either four or eight games, Fantasy owners will be scratching their heads, wondering if (or when) to take Gordon at their drafts. The wait will be over soon.

Are you still holding out hope for Gordon? Maybe stashing him deep in a dynasty league? Share your thoughts and receive Expert advice from Dr. Roto in our brand new Scout Fantasy Forums!

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