Jaguars really like RB Toby Gerhart

Jaguars really like RB Toby Gerhart

Jacksonville didn't sign RB Toby Gerhart to collect dust on the sidelines. The former Stanford back should be ready for a lot of action.

It's already known that Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley wants Toby Gerhart to be his bell-cow running back. On Saturday, he presented further reasons why.

"His work ethic, his knowledge of the game, his ability to fit in with our team, his competitiveness — he checks all those boxes," Bradley said of Gerhart. "The one thing we saw during the OTAs was that his speed — he's even faster than we gave him credit for."

When asked if his staff will have to monitor Gerhart to keep from overworking him, Bradley only said that he was "intrigued" by his backup running backs -- Jordan Todman, Denard Robinson, and Storm Johnson -- and that the coaches are still trying to figure out each player's strengths.

Fantasy Analysis

Translation: Uh, we don't really plan on taking Gerhart off of the field. I was not a fan of the Gerhart signing initially, especially for $4.5 million guaranteed. But he put up great numbers as a seldom-used reserve last year in Minnesota, and it's been beyond proven that the Jags are completely sold on him. It won't always be flashy, but the touches will be there for Gerhart each and every week in Jacksonville's run-heavy offense. He is an RB2 workhorse..

Source: Ryan O'Halloran via Florida Times-Union

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